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Buy My Album For 10€

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Buy my album to get all my songs in high quality MP3. Tha album cost 10€ and all the money i get from it is used to prepare my second album.

Pedro Makay Album


My Free Songs

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Here you can download my free songs. Share with your friends if you like it. Buy my other songs or donate to support my work if you like my music.


Buy My Songs For 1€

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Buy the song that you like more. They cost each 1€. All the money goes into helping me make more songs that you may enjoy. Secured payment with paypal that redirect you to the download page. All songs are encoded in high quality mp3 embed with album art cover.

Circo Perdido
La Isla
Tus Labios
Ojos De Fuego
Rumbo Al Eden
Te Llevo En El Corazon
La Noche En La Ciudad
Up A Tree

New Album - Ojos Negros

Album - Pedro Makay

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